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With an area of 67.872ha, Bac Ha is inhabited by 14 ethnic groups, has the cool climate with temperate pine forests like northern European weather. Nature has created for Bac Ha a rich tourism potential with kinds of resort, ecological, cultural tourism and adventure sports. In recent years, thanks to the attention and investment of Government and authorities, the tourism industry  of Bac Ha has prospered, the number of tourists to Bac Ha has been increasing.

Bac Ha in Spring Season

Bac Ha in Spring

Facade of a Palace, Vua Meo

In Bac Ha district, there is Hoang A Tuong mansion built in 1919 and finished in 1921, which the locals today still call as the ” Cat King house” because, in French colonial period, an ethnic Tay person named Hoang Yen Chao was the head of Bac Ha mountain district (of French authorities), ruled Bac Ha region; however, 70% of the people living there at the time was Hmong, so it is called the king of the Meo (Cat king).

Bac Ha fair

Bac Ha market, the upland fair which has attracted many tourists, a destination that one can hardly ignore when going to Bac Ha. Bac Ha market has its own unique features. If local people want to go to the market, they have to get up very early, even they have to go from the previous day to be at the fair at noon (of the next day). Previously, Bac Ha fair was met on a gentle hill, then this new market was built on a concrete floor and is divided into different sections according to the products sold, this somewhat reduces the wild beauty of the market. Bac Ha market is where all the produce of the highlands, the requisites for ethnic are sold: plows, hoes, shovels, knives, vegetables, fruits, honey.

For tourists, the most attractive area is the one where jewelry, dress, brocade… are sold. Visitors can choose colorful; brocade products with multiple textures, unique pattern, like the dresses of girls of Mong, red Dao ethnics, or the beautiful colorful paintings woven manually…

Another unique feature of this upland fair is that, coming here, tourists can enjoy thắng cố cuisine (traditionally made from horse meat, including almost all the offal such as intestines, liver, and kidneys, but beef and pork may also be used) – the typical dish of people in the high mountains in the northwest. Wine specialty of Hmong people in Pho village is famous for its characteristic bitter taste. The area where horses are sold attracts  more men who come from remote villages, even those from the provinces of Bac Giang, Ha Tay … also come here to wholesale horse and take to the plains.

Visiting Bac Ha market session, you can feel the atmosphere and colors of highland life. Not taking to much time to reach, Bac Ha is 58km from Sapa, you can indulge with mountain views, clouds, stunning terraces on the way here. Let come and discover a unique culture of the northwest of the country!

Co Tien (Fairy) Mountain in Bac Ha – Lao Cai

Bac Ha is a mountainous district of Lao Cai, located in the limestone plateau of the Chay River. Along the arc from northern new Si Ma Cai district to near the town of Bac Ha at altitude of above 1,000 meters, visitors encounter a mountain standing alone. Legend had it that, a fairy descended on earth to enjoy the spring, she was interested in the strange- looking scenery, so she stayed. Therefore, the mountain is called “Fairy” mountain.

Coming to the Fairy Mountain, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of the unique cultural traditions of the highlands, but also contemplate wonderful natural landscape, and the Fairy Mountain looming in front of tourists. The surrounding of the town is “flooded” in the sea of clouds. Plum blossom, bustling markets full of colorful dresses, majestic and calm Hoang A Tuong palace, and modern houses, the rice mats, corn terraces, green forests, winding road in the mountain … has proved to the prosperity of the region. All such is waiting for tourists to discover .

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