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Posted by DH Travel at 2:17 am April 28, 2014

Da Nang is the leading tourist city in Vietnam. Danang City is also the city where is considered as the most worthwhile city to live in Vietnam, it not only has beautiful scenery but also it is beautiful about both mentally and physically.

Danang is first- class national city, the economic center and one of the major centers of culture, education, science and technology in the Central – Central Highlands, Vietnam. Speaking of Danang, we will immediately think of a beautiful city by the Han River, on the Coast of the East China Sea with unique charms which can not be found in other coastal cities.

what to see in Danang Vietnam?

Danang is considered as the most worthwhile city to live in Vietnam

The weather and the ideal time to visit Da Nang

Danang is located in a tropical monsoon climate with high temperature and less volatile. The climate in Danang is a transitional place between the climate of the North and the South with the predominant typical tropical climate in the South. There are two distinct seasons each year: the rainy season extends from August to December and the dry season is from January to July, occasionally, there are cold winters but not deep and not long- lasting.

Based on the weather condition, the most beautiful time to visit Da Nang is from February to August every year, although the climate is hotter (due to winds blowing from Laos), there is less rain and storms, and the sunshine is very beautiful. From September to January every year is the rainy season in Danang, especially from October to December, there are storms which are so dangerous. January to April is probably the right time for travelers who want a budget trip, coming to Danang this time might also be a smart choice because, at this time, the air in Da Nang is quite cool; what is more, there are no storms and especially at this time, service prices are cheaper than from June to August.

In addition, you can come to Danang to enjoy the art Fireworks performances of the teams from many parts of the world in Firework festival usually taken place at the end of April and early May (30/04, the Independence Day and 01/05, the International Labor Day) every year. However, it is advised that you should not come at this time because of the sharp increase in prices.

Tourist attractions in Danang

Danang is favored with a convenient location in the area bordering the three world cultural heritages: Hue Imperial Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary, which clearly highlights the role of Danang City in the area, that is the reception, service, transit place for tourists. Not only is Danang the land of the three world heritages, Da Nang has so many beautiful landscapes that visitors can hardly forget after visiting the city.

Han River Bridge

Referring to Da Nang, we can not fail to mention the romantic Han River and Han River bridge- the first rotating bridge in Vietnam – the pride of the city people. Han River bridge symbolizes the new vitality, the aspiration of the city’s rise built by the contributions of all people. It seems that all the poetic beauty of the Han River is only revealed in the most flawless windswept and cool space in Han River bridge.

Sightseeing must see in Danang

Han River Bridge which is turned every middle night as the heart of Danang City

At 00:30 every night, Han River bridge rotates 90 degrees around the center crane of the bridge for large ships to pass through, after that, it returns to the original position at 3.30 pm. The Han River bridge not only creates more favorable conditions for transport and tourism, stimulates the economic potential of a large area in the east of the city but is also a cultural mark of Da Nang people today left for future generations.

Visiting famous temples

Speaking of spiritual travel destinations in Da Nang, everyone knows 3 Linh Ung Pagodas of the same name. The 3 pagodas are in different positions, but they make a sacred spiritual triangle. Although the three pagodas have the same name, each temple has its different emphasis. In Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, visitors will admire the highest statue of Quan Yin Buddha in Vietnam, the gentle eyes looking to the sea as watching and blessing fishermen catching seafood, giving peace to people every time they go offshore to catch fish. Coming to Ba Na – Mount Chua (God), you can see the 27m high Shakyamuni Buddha statue rising between the blue sky of Ba Na, visitors coming to the temples always feel relax in the soul; in addition, the pure vast sacred space makes visitors feel comfortable, fun, besides, visitors can also visit the caves with natural and beautiful stalactites. What is more, visitors can visit the ancient Con Ga (Chicken) church in the heart of the crowded city, or visit Cham Pa museum.

Ba Na Hills Tourist Complex

Ba Na, which is known as Sapa of Northern Vietnam, is the fairy land on earth and is always a tourist destination that can not be missed when coming to Da Nang. Sitting in the cabin of the cable car, visitors can see the whole scenery of Danang, from the above looking down, you will see the blue sea beaches, majestic stretching mountains.

what to see in Danang

Ba Na, which is known as Sapa of Northern Vietnam, is the fairy land on earth and is always a tourist destination that must include when coming to Da Nang

Coming here, visitors will feel like they are in somewhere in Europe, not in Da Nang, visitors will have the opportunities to admire the royal villas of France, step inside, you will be overwhelmed with ancient space. Here, the restaurants also have bold French architecture, but visitors can also enjoy dishes with the deep Central cultural identity of the famous chefs processed in different ways. Standing on Ba Na, visitors will be able to take in the breathtaking scenery. This place is really an ideal resort where visitors will experience the royal life in Danang.

Discovering the wonderful beaches

Dubbed as the central coastal city, on summer days, the beaches in Danang are always crowded with tourists both at home and abroad, especially the famous beaches such as My Khe beach, which is in the top of the most beautiful and charming beaches of the planet, the large and stretching Non Nuoc beach, or beaches of Pham Van Dong, Nam O, Bac My An… Not only do tourists swim in the sea, but they also rent diving suits and dive to the ocean floor to admire the coral reefs, or take part in games such as windsurfing, sightseeing cruises, parasailing, … Besides, the ecological tourist attractions here such as Suoi Hoa, Suoi Luong, Ngam Doi … are also very popular for tourists to soak in the cool water, hear the birds singing with the sound of the forest creating a soft melody. In the evening, visitors can wander the sea to hear the waves fluttering or you can walk along Han River to see the bridges with unique architecture.

what is the best beach in Danang?

My Khe beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Located 10 km north-east of Da Nang city, Son Tra Peninsula is considered as the jewel of Danang with an area of 4,439 ha, the highest peak is 696 m. Coming to Son Tra peninsula, visitors can experience many emotions from exploring the forest to conquering the sea with diverse fauna and flora. Around Son Tra peninsula is the beautiful coasts such as Tien Sa, Da Den, Rang beach, But beach, Xep beach, Da beach, Nam beach, Bac beach, Con beach….

Famous and delicious dishes

After the sightseeing, swimming time in Danang, enjoying the food of people here will help you be fully satisfied with your trip.


Danang is known for many attractive tourist attractions, besides, the rich and fresh seafood dishes are also the “plus points” attracting visitors. There are many seafood marketplaces, but there is a unique market, a popular stop for locals and visitors with dozens of seafood from shellfish, snails to fish, shrimp, squid… which are extremely fresh and attractive. The market is located at the crossroad of Hoang Sa intersection with Le Duc Tho, close to the coast, in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang.

Quang Noodles

Referring to Quang noodles, it does not necessarily to say that it is the special dish of Quang Nam or Da Nang, but it is a typical dish in Central Vietnam. Quang noodle is usually made from noodles with finely grated rice flour and thinly sliced into layers, then sliced horizontally to make thin noodles of about 2mm thick.

what to eat in Danang?

Quang Noodle is one of the most famous dishes you must try when travelling to Danang

The noodles are made from wheat flour added with a number of additives to achieve crispness. Under the noodles layer, there are raw vegetables, on the noodles, there are lean pork, shrimp, chicken along with broth cooked from the bones of the pig. People also add dried peas and dried roasted peanut, chopped green onion, herbs, red pepper… to increase the flavor.

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