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Posted by DH Travel at 9:24 am April 17, 2014

Hanoi the capital of Vietnam where is very special and different from any other capital in the world because it is very peaceful and there are a lot of the natural lakes surrounding the city such as Hoan Kiem Lake the heart of Hanoi capital, West Lake the largest lake in Hanoi, Truc Bach lake, Thien Quang lake, Bay Mau lake….Beside the natural lakes, Hanoi has a lot of the ancient architectural structures which were built since French domination so that almost of these structures are belonged to French architectures such as Hanoi Opera House, Water Tower in Hang Dau Street, History Museum, Chu Van An High School, President Palace is located in Ho Chi Minh Complex….all of these ancient structures are still very beautiful and special until this time.

most famous sights in Hanoi must see

Hoan Kiem lake is considered as the heart of Hanoi capital, Vietnam

Arrival to Hanoi, you also have a chance to enjoy a lot of the different special food, those are the traditional dishes of the locals, these dishes are also very well-known such as Bun Cha, Pho (noodle), Cha Ca….it is easy for any tourist to try these special dishes even on the streets of Hanoi, and if you are lucky to arrive in Hanoi on the weekends, then it is also easy and convenient for you to walk around the old town of Hanoi to try the local food on the food streets of Hanoi, it is very reasonable (not expensive) even very cheap with the foreign tourists. Food and traditional food of Vietnamese is still very famous in the world, among Hanoi is one of the major places where has a lot of the special and delicious dishes in the food list which the world know. So that, any tourist have a chance to travel Hanoi, then you must try at least 1-2 traditional dishes which are cooked directly from the locals at here, it is very special and its taste is not the same as any other place in the world.

Hanoi is still very famous with a lot of the historical sites which have been built from French domination, and if you are tourist whose prefer to explore the historical sites of Hanoi, then your city tour must include some of these sites such as Hanoi Opera House, History Museum, President Place where you can combine to visit other sights of Hanoi very famous in this area such as One Pillar Pagoda, Stilt-house, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square….If you love to find about the different ethnic groups of Vietnam but you do not have time to take a tour to the removed places in the northern Vietnam, then your city tour of Hanoi must include Ethnic Museum because this museum is included many ethnic houses, these houses are designed and done real as its own materials the same as in the ethnic villages, so it is very interested and fun for you to experience this site.

historical sites must see in Hanoi

Hanoi Opera House is one of the ancient architecture in Hanoi since French Domination

Although Hanoi is not as large as Hoi Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the south of Vietnam, this historical site is included many different handicraft villages such as Bat Trang Ceramic Village, Van Phuc Silk Village, Dong Ky village with a lot of products are made by bronze very famous, Dong Ho Painting Village….If you have just a short time to cover the highlights of Hanoi, then you should take a half day to visit the historical sights in the real center of Hanoi, and the rest day should explore these handicraft villages to find and buy very special souvenirs at here.

handicraft villages must see in Hanoi

Van Phuc Silk village is one of the most well-known handicraft villages in Hanoi

Hanoi people (Hanoian) or still called Trang An people are still famous with their soft voice since thousand of years, the locals at here are very friendly and honest, especially there are many locals whose live in Hanoi can speak English basically, certainly they can not speak so well but with foreign tourist whose visit Hanoi for the first time will be very surprised if you ask them anything by English, so that you also do not worry anything if you lost your way in Hanoi because you can ask any local and they are very willing to show the correct way where you are finding.

There is just small problem which you should mention during traveling in Hanoi is the traffic matter, because almost locals in Vietnam use motorbike as their main transfer vehicle and Hanoi is the same such that, so that sometimes the traffic at here look little crazy and you will feel terrible if you must cross a road in Hanoi. And, the best advice for you to move around Hanoi is by bus or taxi, you should not ride a motorbike if it is the first time for you to try to ride this vehicle in Hanoi (even around Vietnam).

In fact, although Hanoi is also a crowded city with a lot of the people come from other provinces and cities around Vietnam to work and earn their living, all of the people at here are very friendly and this place is quite safe for you to travel and walk around city anytime you want even in the night. Hanoi is very different from Ho Chi Minh City (the south of Vietnam), this famous destination is the center of economy, politic, and culture of Vietnam so that it is always protected and keep safe the best in Vietnam so that you should travel Hanoi to experience the unique things which are just available in Hanoi as well as other closed sights nearby this capital city.

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