Vinh Long

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Posted by DH Travel at 8:09 am April 28, 2014

Vinh Long is one of the most famous sites belong to the water river region of the Mekong River Delta, it takes around 2 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Vinh Long where is very famous with Cai Be Floating market, as well as French colonial influence, can still be seen in architecture as many old French buildings (now government offices and private residences) are scattered over the city while the provincial capital of the same-named province is a medium-sized town, most of the points of interest sit in a small area in the northeast corner, where the town is bordered by the Co Chien River to the north and a wide canal to the east and it is from here that the boat trips to Cai Be floating market and the island homestays depart.

things to do in Vinh Long

The popular transport in Vinh Long is almost by boat

There is a very famous site or it is also called as a medium-sized town where is located between the Co Chien river and the Long Ho canal, this corner of town is also a popular spot for the locals to sit back, slurp coffee and scoff banh mi while the chocolate brown river waters roar past (and it does roar here). There’s also a bustling central market, with a large wet market along with a dry goods section, a bunch of gold shops and loads of eating opportunities. Compared to My Tho further downriver, the boat trips here are more affordable and the homestays offer a terrific opportunity to experience Mekong life firsthand, yet few independent travelers tend to make it here.
The tours operating out of Saigon often hop, skip and jump through, combining a trip to Cai Be with a snack stop by the river, but very few people overnight here – don’t be surprised when you’re the only westerner in the town’s sole disco.Aside from the river trips and the homestays, Ving Long isn’t screaming out with grade A tourist attractions – it’s another claim to fame, the Van Thanh Mieu pagoda was being renovated when we visited, and the museum kept such odd hours we never seemed to be around when it was open. The Vinh Long tourist office can organize homestays and boat trips but both are significantly more expensive than organizing something on a more freelance basis – stand around by the riverbank for about five seconds and don’t be surprised when a boatman edges up whispering “boat trip” to you in hushed tones.

While they’re mainly trying to sell you a trip over to Cai Be, they can also organize a stay at the homestays for significantly less than what the tourist authority asks, though, as the tourist office warns, “Using an outside operator carries no insurance should very bad things happen”.Unlike other floating markets, Cai Be operates well into the day, so if you’re in a rush, it’s feasible to arrive in Vinh Long early in the morning (say from My Tho), do a boat trip out to the market, returning to Vinh Long by early afternoon with plenty of time to push onto Can Tho. Most trips to Cai Be run for at least three hours as the trip there takes about 45 minutes each way (depending on the route taken and the boat used.

From the Vinh Long river bank, if you look to the west you can see the twin towers of the My Thuan Bridge jutting into the sky. Built with considerable financial assistance from Australia, the bridge did away with the ferries and greatly improved access to the greater Delta from Saigon – one wonders though why it is so high – perhaps the AusAID officials in Saigon wanted to be able to point out its spires from their offices.

sightseeing to see in Vinh Long

Simple houses of the locals are located along the rivers in Vinh Long

Because Vinh Long is a medium sized town along the banks of the Mekong River midway between My Tho and Can Tho. There are a lot of different small islands in the Mekong River where will make your trips to Vinh Long very impressive. Most of the islands are given over to fruit orchards and the narrow canals are often straddled by flimsy-looking wooden bridges made from the trunks of coconut palms or the bamboo and known as the monkey bridges. A glimpse of country scenery and simple lifestyle at the river.

Travel to Vinh Long, visitors will have a chance to explore the tropical fruit gardens and boating along canals to islands. The most popular fruit gardens in Vinh Long where you must come on your trip at here such as Mr. Sau Giao’s Flower Garden, Mr. Muoi Day’s Stilt-House, and Mr. Hai Hoang’s Old House. Besides, staying at a homestay in the village and joining the daily activities with the locals at here are also very fun and interested. Furthermore, Vinh Long has many famous historical sites where you also should not miss such as Van Thanh Temple, Long Thanh Communal House, Tinh Xa Ngoc Vien, Phuoc Hau, Tien Chau, Saghamangala pagodas…

best tour in Vinh Long

Rice boat in the river in Vinh Long

Vinh Long region often has main two seasons is the dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from December to April, the rainy season last from May to November. The annual average temperature all year is around 25 Degree Celsius. So that it is fine for the tourists to explore the Mekong River Delta anytime you can. Vinh Long is a very beautiful and countryside landscapes, so you also should not bring a camera with you during the trip to take the most beautiful photos when traveling this place.

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