I. Our services

  1. Provide travel packages

This is one of the core business areas of our company from its inception. With the prestige and practical experience, we have successfully organized many domestic and international travel programs departing daily for hundreds of thousands of domestic and international tourists with many different types such as sightseeing, learning about historical sites, adventure tourism, exploring tourism, luxury travel…. DH Travel is always appreciated by customers for the quality of service, business credibility, price and rich and attractive programs.

  1. Book a hotel room

With regular booking relations and cooperation contracts with more than 600 hotels and resorts across the country, DH Travel, with many long experienced staff in tourism industry, can suggest the hotels which is best suitable for your purpose as well as your ability to pay at the best price (lower than the price when you book directly with the hotels).

  1. Visa & passport

Provide full information of your passports such as the name as your passport, date of birth, nationality and passport number. Then, DH Travel will do free the Letter Visa arrival to Vietnam for you, and you will use our this Letter Visa to get the Visa arrival to Vietnam on your arrival date at the airport in Vietnam. Please also note that your passport must be valid during your trip to any country.

  1. Transportation

With new cars from 4 to 45 seats of good quality, DH Travel meets all needs of renting, leasing and transportation support according to the diverse requirements of customers.

II. Payment method

You can pay by either VND or USD. All payment has receipts with red stamps of DH Travel. All inquiries and feedback, visitors please bring the receipt to receive support from the staff of DH Travel.

Customers choose the appropriate form of payment for the transaction, all transaction information needs complete information, money transferors, the amount of money, transaction content so that we can update as soon as possible.

When booking tours and services at DH Travel, to secure the service and tour as required, customers are requested to pay a deposit of 30% of the value of tour as soon as the two parties (company and customers) agree with the final program.

Followings are some methods of payment accepted by our company:

  1. Bank transfer:


Address: Van Phuc, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi

Telephone: +84 462927239

Account number: 56677509

Bank name: Asia Commercial Bank

Bank Address: 442 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Bank Swift Code: ASCB VNVX

  1. Payment with the Western Union:

Open the link: http://www.westernunion.com and follow its instructions.

You can use cash, credit card, your bank account or cheques or direct transfer from your bank account

Receiver details:

– First name: Hoa

– Last name: Nguyen Thi Thanh

(full name: Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa – General Manager of DH Travel Company)

– Address: Van Phuc, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi

– Tel: +84 4 62927239/ + 84 986 858 282

After completing your money transfer processing, please advise me the following information:

– MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) with 10 digits ?

– Sender full name ?

– Sender country ?

– Sender city/ state ?

– Sender amount ?

  1. Pay by Paypal (USD)

Please pay into our PayPal account into vietnamdhtravel@gmail.com

  1. Pay by credit card (add 3% bank fee):

– Fill the missing information into the file “Authorization Letter” and sign 3 times

– Scan both faces of your card (Visa or Master only) and original passport

– Send us these files to email: sales@vietnamdhtravel.com

For more details or if you need any other question, please contact directly with your personal online travel consultant who you are contacting directly regarding about your requests.

III. Cancellation and refund

  1. Cancellation by DH Travel

If DH Travel does not make the trip, DH Travel must immediately notify the customers and refund the customers the full amount of money that the customers paid within 3 days since the cancellation notice in cash or by bank transfer.

  1. Cancellation by tourists
  • Between 30 – 45 days prior to departure date: 90% refund of total trip cost.
  • Between 20 – 30 days prior to departure date: 80% refund of total trip cost.
  • 25 days prior to departure date: 75% refund of total trip cost.
  • 15 days prior to departure date: 70% refund of total trip cost.
  • 7 days prior to departure date: 40% refund of total trip cost.
  • Between 3- 6 days prior to departure date: 25% refund of total trip cost.
  • Less than 3 days: Non-refundable.

– Cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or by the email and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted.

– Cancellation time is calculated based on working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

– Conditions of cancellation above are not applied to holidays, Tet.

  1. Cancellation by unexpected circumstances

If the travel program is canceled or changed by either party for an unexpected reason (war, natural disaster, weather, terrorism, etc.), neither party will be responsible for compensating any damages occurred and neither of the parties takes the legal responsibility. However, each party is obliged to make every effort to help the injured party to minimize the loss caused by the anticipated unexpected circumstance.

IV. Necessary paperwork for the trip

Travel-related paperwork (unlimited) includes airfare, service voucher (the final confirmed itinerary) or any other documents that are (or may be) needed for your trip such as passports, visas, vaccination certificates….. All necessary documents of the trip will be reminded for the customers to bring by sales whose contact directly with you. All travel documents are not transferable. The name of the passenger on the air ticket must be exactly the same as the name on the passport or identity card. Airlines have the right to refuse to transport passengers if the name on the ticket and on identification are different and the booking may be canceled. Passengers are responsible for having all travel documents prior to the departure date.

Passengers themselves are responsible for ensuring that their passports, visas or entry permits are valid and in accordance with immigration regulations as well as other relevant regulations of the host country. Many countries require passengers who want to enter their country to have passports which are valid for at least six months prior to the entry.

V. Complaints and Claims

If the customer has a complaint to DH Travel, firstly, the customer should notify the tour guide as soon as possible to solve the problem of the complaint or write your commentary in the feedback which each of customer has a form to do after each trip. If you are not satisfied, you can contact directly DH Travel (sales representative) during the tour so we have the chance to fix that problem. If you are still not satisfied with our solutions during the trip, the customer should send any complaint directly to the email of our company at the address: sales@vietnamdhtravel.com within 30 days since the end of the trip. The Company will not accept any liability for claims received after this deadline.