Camping and Listening to Live Music on the Coast of Trieu Duong Bay

Trieu Duong Bay (Binh Thuan province) attracts visitor not only with beautiful beach but also with picnic activities, stylish mobile live music performances.

Trieu Duong Bay is located on Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy island district, Binh Thuan province, about only 1km from Phu Quy port. The scenery here is extremely beautiful with white sandy beach stretching out kilometers, green lines of poplar, lines of coconut tree with black rock beach wild Tranh island in the other side… All creates a beautiful and poetic picture favored by the nature mother.

Trieu Duong Bay 4

Thanks to the good location, Trieu Duong bay is not only the ideal destination of islanders, but also a place where visitors everywhere “come but not want to leave”. This bay is ideal for swimming, camping, organizing outdoor picnic activities, BBQ party… and enjoying the beautiful moments when the evening falls or when the sun rises in the early morning.

While the morning on Trieu Duong is quite desert and quiet, and the noon is busy and lively with live music performances, the laughter of family holding parties, the afternoon is crowded with visitors playing and having fun with sand, with the sea, relaxing themselves, getting away from the worries and pressures of daily life, comfortably enjoying the cool air and the immense sea.

Trieu Duong Bay 3

One thing that most of visitors coming here are interested in and impressed is live music performances in poplar forest of local families. From noon to the afternoon, the families gather here, each group consists of 10 or more than 10 people. They carry food, drink, seafood and mobile speakers, karaoke player, laptop and song lists with them… and then, each song is performed echoing an immense poplar forest.

Many other families join in the fun in such that way, so that a vast area of the ocean suddenly becomes incredibly fun- filled, lively and attractive. Whenever a strange visitors passes by, he will be recognized by them due two the different way of dressing. However, the friendly hand waving of local people, the sincere invitation, the passionate hand holding.. make the visitors from different regions feel happy, lucky and understand the love and hospitability of people on the island.

Trieu Duong Bay 2

At noon, lying in the cool poplar trees, feeling and enjoying each of the see breeze blowing in leaving the salty of salt on the corner of your lips, you will love this land more. The sea waves gently crashing onto the shore, the black rock beach in the distance, beautiful Tranh island in the hissing wind, the rustling of coconut leaves… make every one feel, relax and satisfied in front of this charming setting.

The afternoon on Trieu Duong bay is the most wonderful time to soak and relax in the cool sea water with gentle waves making people feel comfortable and interested. The twinkling white sandy beach stretching in the soft sun and the see breeze carrying the salty of the sea cause people to think that their soul is more fresh, pure and free especially when the dawn falls. At dawn, after having fun in the water, each person can choose for himself a seat under the coconut tree to watch the sun setting on the sea and silently enjoy the valuable moments of his life.

Trieu Duong Bay 1

There is one thing for sure that, many people visiting Trieu Duong bay do not want to leave this land, each step drags gently on the sand but it seems to be very hard because the beauty of scenery and local people pull them back.