Business Travel in Thailand

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Posted by DH Travel at 8:41 am July 3, 2014

Business Travel in Thailand

For many, Thailand is the ultimate business travel destination. Fast becoming a regional business hub ranking alongside countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand has admirably met its responsibilities to the world’s business community. Banking services here are efficient and reliable (Business Travel in Thailand). Telecommunications services utilize Thailand’s satellite technology to offer comprehensive countrywide mobile phone networks, fast and efficient high speed Internet access and international teleconferencing. For the business traveller, Thailand’s hotels are a joy. Second to none for quality, services and facilities, many maintain business centres that offer the same facilities your office at home might offer. Thailand also has a fine tradition of serviced offices.

Business travel in Thailand

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11For business people on the move, Thailand’s excellent domestic and international airports connect the country and the region, and the country’s road and rail networks offer genuine convenience. Thailand is also a centre for business events. With world-class facilities such as Queen Sirikit Centre, BITEC and Impact Arena, Thailand has become a natural choice for conference and convention organisers. Aside from all of this, what is special for the business traveller is Thailand itself – it’s a great place to do business. There are few countries that are both steeped in history and tradition and able to offer the best of the modern world. There are fewer still able to offer the variety of beaches, countryside and other natural beauty that Thailand permits you to enjoy.

Business Travel in Thailand

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