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Hotel Address : 12 Hung Vuong St., Hue City, Vietnam


Duy Tan Hotel

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Duy Tan Hotel is located in the center of the poetic city of Hue with 138 three-star rooms. Being well-equipped, Duy Tan Hotel is really a comfortable place for those who comes Hue for a sightseeing, relaxation, or business.

Staying at Duy Tan Hotel, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a friendly atmosphere and a professional service style of our well-experienced staff. We promise to bring the best services to our customers!

Duy Tan restaurant at Duy Tan hotel
Including a luxurious restaurant system with the capacity up to 500 seats, the restaurant is specialized in serving famous European and Vietnamese cuisines with special traditional performance programs will bring you wonderful relaxed moments in enjoying the Ancient Capital city Gastronomy.

Menu for tourists at Duy Tan hotel:
– Vietnamese tourist: from 100.000  VND/ per pax.
– Foreign tourist: from 08 USD/ per pax.

Banquet Menu at Duy Tan hotel:
– Vietnamese guest: from 150.000 VND/ per pax.
– Foreign guest: from 10 USD/ per pax.

Conference Halls at Duy Tan hotel

Conference Hall and Meeting room system includes a spacious conference hall has an area of 352 square meters with the capacity of accommodating 400 persons and 3 meeting rooms with the capicity from 30 to 50 persons arranged into multi-function rooms according to requirements of the customers.

* The above Rate includes at Duy Tan hotel:
– Audio and lighting system
– 03 mobile microphones and 01 fixed microphone.
– Decorative flowers at the speaking dais and delegate tables
(the front two rows)
– Backdrop at the meeting hall and 1 bandrol hanging in front
of the hotel.
– Free of charge for using Internet Wifi.

• Additional services at Duy Tan hotel:
– Projector for rent: 1.500.000 VND/per day
– Laptop for rent: 800.000 VND/ per day
– Coffee break : 20.000 VND or 25.000 VND or
30.000 VND/diner/per once.

Beauty salon at Duy Tan hotel

You will be pleased with the beauty services of our hotel.

Laundry Service at Duy Tan hotel

If you have any laundry needs, you just need to put your dirty clothes in laundry basket and our room service staff will take them to the laundry room every morning.

Massage service at Duy Tan hotel

You will be relaxed when enjoying our services of massage, sauna and hot water pool. The whole massage staffs of Duy Tan Hotel are well-informed about physiotherapy and always serve you with all their hearts.

Gym and fitness center at Duy Tan hotel

The gym and fitness center of our hotel is well-equipped with weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, hula hoops, etc. in order to meet your demands of doing exercises.

Duy Tan Hotel

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