Laos Tours

Travel Laos to feel a peaceful and hospitable country, a tranquil and unnoisy life of the locals. At here, seem it is left out all noisy things of the bustling cities in the world. Discovering Laos, you will understand why this is a still very poor country but every year it still attracts a lot of the tourists.

  • Best of Laos 8 Days

    Highlights : Houeixai-Pakbeng-Oudomxay-Nongkhiaw-Luang Prabang-Vang Vieng-Vientiane

    This tour takes you off the beaten track into the remote areas of northern and southern Laos. Commencing in the north-eastern region of Thailand you will venture by traditional boat along the Mekong River passing some of the most amazing mountain scenery. We also visit the tranquil town of Vang Vieng, the laid-back capital Vientiane and experience a part of the famous and scenic Ho Chi Minh Trail to Lak Xao, which was a network of roads built from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia to provide logistical support during the Vietnam War.

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  • Travel to Highland Laos 11 Days

    Highlights : Houay Xay-Pakbeng-Oudomxai-Muang La-Nong Khiaw-Muang Ngoi-Luang Prabang-Vang Vieng-Vientiane

    Enjoy a combination of scenic landscapes, city sightseeing and adventurous trekking expeditions through villages and highland areas. We journey through many fascinating hill tribe villages, waving to the warm and friendly locals and admiring the dramatic mountain scenery. You will get a feel of their customs and culture as trekking provides a greater insight and staying overnight in a villager’s home offers an authentic experience. This tour sees the best highlights and a close up cultural experience of northern Laos.

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  • Laos Highlights 14 Days

    Highlights : Luang Prabang-Xieng Khouang-Vang Vieng-Vientiane-Hinboun-Pakse-Tad Lo-Khong Islands

    Immerse yourself in the relaxed pace and witness the fairytale appeal of this extraordinary country. We take you to see the highlights, from the fading colonial architecture in enchanting Luang Prabang, national monuments in Vientiane, picturesque waterfalls at Tad Lo and the spectacular limestone caves of Khong Lor. You will visit tranquil Vang Vieng and explore the unspoiled beauty of the south, Pakse and the 4,000 islands region. Discover Southeast Asia’s hidden jewel at its best!

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  • Travel Mekong Laos 8 Days

    Highlights : Houeixai – Pakbeng – Xayaboury - Luang Prabang

    Over the centuries the Mighty Mekong River remains largely unchanged. Life along it’s banks flows at a slow pace. The river itself offers adventurous visitors a chance to explore its ancient past, it’s current history and promising future. You travel deeper into remote Laos where jungle and rain forest still cover the towering mountains. Trek to local villages and experience the heart of elephant and stay at the Elephant Conservation Centre where modern day Mahouts are preserving the vestiges of of a once thriving elephant population.

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  • Private Charter Cruise 2 Days

    Highlights : Houay Xay-Pakbeng-Luang Prabang

    The Slow Boat is a unique and rewarding cruise, perfect for exploring the exotic and beautiful scenery of the north in comfort. Cruising down the Mekong can be very relaxing. You will develop a sense of serenity being absorbed by the physical pull of the river and its surrounding lush green landscape. Gliding smoothly on the river you will soak up the slow paced atmosphere as we wave to the friendly, smiling locals we see on our way to Luang Prabang.

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  • Vat Phou Cruise 3 Days

    Highlights : Pakse-Khong Islands

    The Vat Phou is a 34-meter long, air-conditioned converted rice bage consisting of twelve twin rooms, all of which are ensuite. There is a restaurant onboard and a large shaded front upper deck perfect for relaxing and enjoying the passing scenery Our cruise downriver takes us from Pakse to Southeast Asia’s largest waterfall, Khong Pha Peng, also known as the “Niagara of the East”. We also visit the mysterious pre-Angkorian 10th century temple of Wat Phu, a wonderful archaeological site of the Khmer civilization predating the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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  • LuangSay Cruise 2 Days

    Highlights : Houay Xay-Pakbeng-Luang Prabang

    Our Laung Say boat is a 33 steel hull with a traditional design. It has a Hino 1800cc engine speed with a total seating capacity of 35. On board facilities include a kitchen with a large table, a bar and toilet. What more could you want as you unwind on this relaxing journey drifting down the Mekong, experiencing the rhythm of the river which offers stunning landscape scenery and allowing you to observe the bustling riverlife enroute. An unforgettable voyage!

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  • Best of Laos 10 Days

    Highlights : Vientiane - Vang Vieng – Phonsavan - Luang Prabang - Savannakhet – Pakse or vice versa.

    This 10-day journey has been designed to combine culture, history and the charm of Laos. Travelers will find it to be fascinating, intriguing and surprisingly accessible...

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