Cambodia Communication

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Posted by DH Travel at 6:40 am July 2, 2014

Cambodia Communication

The advent of mobile phones has dramatically improved communications between the main towns. That said, many of the landlines destroyed during the Khmer Rouge era have yet to be replaced, and the lack of phone lines not only hinders ordinary business but also keeps Internet access costs high everywhere except Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Mail is one of Cambodia Communication

All Cambodia’s mail is consolidated in Phnom Penh. Sending mail from provincial cities seems as reliable as posting from the capital, though it costs a little more as you’ll be charged for your mail to go to Phnom Penh first.
 Cambodia Communication
Parcels can only be posted in Phnom Penh, though at a whopping $17 for a one kilogramme parcel going abroad, it’s worth deferring the task if you are subsequently heading to Thailand.

Phones is one of Cambodia Communication

You can make domestic and international calls at post offices or telecom offices in most towns. The government telecommunications network; Camintel (W) ( usually runs these services, which along with the Australian firm Telstra, also runs public call boxes in Phnom Penh .
Cambodia Communication
For domestic calls only, the cut-price glass-sided booths, payable to the attendant. The booths vary in their coverage of Cambodia’s various networks: accessible numbers will be written on the side of the booths (usually (T) 012 MobiTel numbers – see below – plus the local area code and sometimes other mobile providers).

Mobile Phones is one of Cambodia Communication

There are three mobile phone service providers in Cambodia: Samart code (T) 011, MobiTel (T) 012 and Shinawatra (T) 015&016. MobiTel is the most widely used network and has transmitters in all major towns, although reception is still limited to within the town boundaries. Mobile phones can be rented in the arrivals hall at Pochentong International Airport for around $28 per week. Usage is by pre-paid phone card, available in values from $5 to $100; in most towns, you’ll find outlets displaying the logos of the various providers .
Cambodia Communication

Internet access (Cambodia Communication)

If you want to get online, do it in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap – here you’re never far from an Internet shop or café and rates are under $1 per hour. In the provinces it’s a different matter: even in Battambang and Sihanoukville access is limited, and expensive at around $3 per hour .

Cambodia Communication

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