National Parks in Cambodia

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Posted by DH Travel at 6:26 am July 2, 2014

National Parks in Cambodia – For much of the 1990s the country’s national park system was little more than lines drawn on a map, but this is fast changing with assistance from the UNDP and assorted NGOs.

National Parks in Cambodia

Ream National Park

Government & Politics – National Parks in Cambodia
At the May 1993 elections Cambodia became a constitutional monarchy. Prince Sihanouk, who abdicated in 1955, accepted the crown and rules as king.

Cambodia’s second election in July 1998 took place amid charges of voter intimidation and human rights abuses. The CPP was declared the victor, taking 64 seats in the assembly, while FUNCINPEC took 43 and the Sam Rainsy Party 15 . It took several months for a government to form itself and this was not to happen before a series of protests, riots and deaths.

National Parks in Cambodia

Phnom Kulen National Park

Eventually King Sihanouk brokered a coalition deal that saw the some time allies and some time enemies in FUNCINPEC and the CPP again engage in an uneasy political embrace. The CPP holds 16 of the ministries while FUNCINPEC controls 15; the CPP controls most of the important financial ministries, while FUNCINPEC has the poisoned chalice of the social ministries .

National Parks in Cambodia

Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park

Hun Sen is the country’s sole prime minister, while Ranariddh has had to settle for the less influential position of president of the National Assembly. Part of the electoral deal was also the formation of a Senate to check the legislative power of the assembly, but most observers see this as little more than an indulgence for Chea Sim, CPP president and acting head of state in the king’s absence .

National Parks in Cambodia

Botum Sakor National Park

The CPP effectively controls the country today as the party is now in firm control of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. Despite his popularity in Phnom Penh, Sam Rainsy and his eponymously named party have no role in the government and are the only effective opposition in the country.

National Parks in Cambodia

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