Climate in Cambodia

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Posted by DH Travel at 4:07 am July 2, 2014
Climate in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Climate Graph

The climate of Cambodia is governed by two monsoons, which set the rhythm of rural life. The cool, dry, north-eastern monsoon, which carries little rain, blows from about November to February. From May to October, the south-western monsoon brings strong winds, high humidity and heavy rains. Even during the wet season it rarely rains in the morning: most precipitation comes in the afternoon, and even then only sporadically.

Climate in Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Maximum daily temperatures range from more than 40°C in April, the hottest month, to the high 20s during January, the coolest month. Daily minimum temperatures are usually no more than 10°C below the maximums .

Climate in Cambodia

Enhancing Climate Resilience of Rural Communities Living in Protected Areas of Cambodia

Annual rainfall varies considerably from area to area. Whereas the seaward slopes of the south-west highlands receive more than 5000mm of rain per annum, the central lowlands average only about 1400mm. Between 70% and 80% of the annual rainfall is brought by the south-western monsoon (Climate in Cambodia).

Climate in Cambodia

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