Cu Chi Tunnels

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Posted by DH Travel at 2:15 am April 29, 2014

Cu Chi Tunnels is considered as one of the most famous historical sites in the south of Vietnam, it is far from Ho Chi Minh City the most bustling city in Vietnam around 60km, it is easy and convenient for tourist to take by bike or bus to travel Cu Chi Tunnels from any place in the southern Vietnam.

thing to do in Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most famous historical sites in the south of Vietnam

What to see and do in Cu Chi Tunnels?

Normally, the tourist whose do not want to walk around or go under the narrow tunnels still think that Cu Chi Tunnels is very dark and hard to explore, but it is not correct because there are different two ways for tourist to explore this historical site. You can walk (follow) these tunnels in the land to see a lot of the complexes where show the war images of soldiers in the past, from here the tourist are also easy to feel what hard the soldiers and the locals were stood. Take a tour to Cu Chi Tunnels, the tourist not only explore a special structure which were created by the hand of soldiers and local in this region but also you also will have a chance to walk throughout a forest with a lot of the different trees and enjoy the local foods which the locals and soldiers were cooked in the wars such as cassava, potato, some kinds of vegetable…..Especially, you also have a chance to see the way the soldiers cook their meals under the tunnels without fumes to the land to avoid the case the enemy find out.
To fight with the enemy for a long time, the region of Cu Chi Tunnels also need all facilities such as the school, hospitals, rooms (small houses)….in order for the locals, women, children take part in the daily activities, and in fact all of these facilities was available at here in this area in the past, and although these places are very small and narrow to connect together, all people accepted and feel enough at that time.
thing to do in Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most famous historical sites in the south of Vietnam

During the war, there are also many women whose had babies under the tunnels and in fact it was very difficult and lack of the good conditions for these cases but it was still fine for the soldiers and locals solved these cases well and until now there are still people whose were born under Cu Chi Tunnels are still alive and very strong. The tourist will feel very surprised and admire people whose lived in a very long time with the daily activities under the narrow tunnels like this in the war between Vietnamese and American, French.
Explore Cu Chi Tunnels, the tourist not only are seen the real images which are reappeared in the war of Vietnamese in the past, but also there are many real documents which are projected on the films (televisions) for you to see at here before you start entering to explore this region, there are some different languages to translate on the documents such as Vietnamese, French, English…so that it is also easy for any tourist who comes from any country also can understand. If you travel Cu Chi Tunnels by yourself, then it is also available for you to request a local tour guide at here to show all that is available at here for you, certainly, you must pay for this service. But, it is also very fine if you want to explore Cu Chi Tunnels solo, it means that you can find about this place as long time as you want, sometimes there are many veterans whose took part in the war in this region they find out this region very long and carefully.
Take a tour to Cu Chi Tunnels, you also should not miss to taking some photos because there are not any other historical site where is special as this site in Vietnam. Especially, in Cu Chi Tunnels there is a very fun activity for youngers such as shoot (really shooting), this activity is very interesting and worthwhile for you to try when you discover Cu Chi Tunnels.
Cu Chi Tunnels can be considered as the most famous historical site where is located the most nearby Ho Chi Minh City, almost tourists visit Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) do not want to miss this site because it is still gathered to visit Saigon City Tour and Cu Chi Tunnel Full Day Trip or Cu Chi Tunnels with Tay Ninh (Cao Dai Temple). And, if you travel to Saigon, then Cu Chi Tunnels must include in your trip because it is worth and fun for you to explore it.

How go to Cu Chi Tunnels?

Normally, it just takes just a half day to explore full enough Cu Chi Tunnels, and you can take a private tour or a group tour to explore Cu Chi Tunnels. You should visit this special historical site in the morning to avoid the hard sunlight of the afternoon in this region, it is very hot and uncomfortable to walk a long time under a hard hot weather in the south of Vietnam.
where is Cu Chi Tunnels?

Cu Chi is located in the large forest region and far from Saigon around 60km

There are two gates for you to enter Cu Chi Tunnels, it is Ben Dinh & Ben Duoc, it is fine for you to go inside by both of these gates. If this gate is too crowded for you, then transfer to other gates to avoid the case you must wait too long to allow going inside to explore Cu Chi Tunnels.

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