Mai Chau

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Posted by DH Travel at 2:53 am April 29, 2014

Mai Chau or still Mai Chau Valley is a destination for those who like to have landscape trip, relax trip or cultural tourism. This is the destination full of tourist styles, meeting the needs of many different kinds of tourists and interests. This is also a very suitable destination for students, you can organize camp fire, team building, organize social activities to help local residents.

things to do in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is also very ideal for the tourist whose like to trek or ride a bike along the rice fields and ancients villages

The best time to travel to Mai Chau

The weather in Mai Chau is cool, mild all year round. In the summer, it is not too hot, and the winter is not too cold, so according to experience many people who used to visit Mai Chau, you can come to this place at any time of the year.

If you want to enjoy the fields of peach blossoms, white plum blossoms in Mai Chau Valley, the period from October to 12 is ideal for you to enjoy the cool air, and look at the romantic beauty of Mai Chau.

The period of March – April is the time when Mai Chau is beautified by the beauty of the pure white flowers and especially, this is the time of many traditional festivals of ethnic minorities for visitors to admire the charm of Mai Chau and discover many unique cultural customs here.

Accommodation in Mai Chau

Hostels and homestays in Mai Chau are highly developed to offer guests the highest quality services. In Mai Chau, homestays are designed with the traditional style of stilt house style to provide relaxing, clean and impressive space to tourists.

where to stay in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is also very ideal for the tourist whose like to trek or ride a bike along the rice fields and ancients villages

In particular, most of the visitors to Mai Chau only sleep one night and go to Moc Chau in the next day, so you can directly book the room on arrival. However, you travel to Mai Chau in large groups, you should book the rooms in advance to ensure the availability of rooms.

The price of accommodation in Mai Chau is quite reasonable and is suitable for the financial ability of tourists, the average price is about 50.000VNÐ/ person /night – 100.000VNÐ/ person/ night.

Coming to Mai Chau, tourists will be immersed in the vast forest peach blossom, pure white plum blossom or the beautiful dream pine forest.
Besides, visiting Mai Chau, you can not ignore the following famous tourist attractions:

Thung Khe Pass

Thung Khe Pass, also known as Da Trang (White Stone) Pass, is located on Highway 6 between Tan Lac and Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. This is a quite famous pass for the hardship, the beauty of nature, and there is a small market at the top of the Pass, the market is not only an interesting stop but also a perfect scenic spot.

sightseeing must see in Mai Chau

Thung Khe Pass is the most suitable and nices place to capture a fantastic panorama of Mai Chau.

The reason why the pass is called White Stone is that, after the road was opened, white limestone rocks erased a cliff, which can be seen from the distance. Thung Khe Pass winds through the low mountains, the landscape changes constantly with hills and mountains and endless green valleys, peaceful villages. You can admire the beautiful Mai Chau from the pass.

Although there are no steep slopes, there are no sharp bends, Thung Khe Pass challenges visitors with the dangers of the truck commuting on the pass every day, with the fog every afternoon or early morning hindering the view of drivers. Especially, driving on the Thung Khe Pass on winter evenings will be an unforgettable experience for any rider with the thick fog, cold wind and opaque vision in which there is only the light of vehicles as drawing the vague streaks of smoke.

There seem to have four seasons in a day in Thung Khe. In the morning, the valley at the foot of the pass is like the green carpets in the spring. At noon, the sunlight from the blue sky shines brightly to the valley like it is a hot summer day. In the afternoon, the road passes are like a silk strip crossing the back of the mountain with the golden autumn colors. Then, when the night falls, in the thick fog, the fog is too that it causes cold rain as the winter days.

Like other passes in the North West of Viet Nam, Thung Khe has nothing too special, but it still attracts tourists with fog, will and gentle smiles of local people. After the trip, the things which are left in the heart of visitors are not dangerous pass or abyss, but they only remember the beautiful and simple things, the sea of clouds and … boiled corn.

The peak of Thung Khe Pass is a place where tourists can feel the cool air typical of Mai Chau. From the top of Thung Khe, you can admire the entire valley at the foot of the pass, welcome the cool breeze, and can see the green carpets full of vitality.

Ban Lac (Lac Village)

Lac village in Mai Chau district has long become an attractive destination for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, want to return to the simple life in the peaceful upland area.

Lac village in Mai Chau

Lac Village is the place where still keeps almost their local traditional customs and habits

Ban Lac is around 140km and takes around 3 hours by bus to reach Mai Chau. This site is very suitable for groups of families or friends to enjoy and explore the lifestyle of the Black Tai of this mountainous region. Lac village as a gift of mountains and forests for those who love the peace and quiet space to join in the rich green space of the mountains and forest in Hoa Binh.

The road connecting Mai Chau town and Ban Lac goes through the Cun slope of 12 km long. The slope is winding and challenges the driver on the high cliffs in the middle of the sky. The higher it is, the more majestic, more poetic the scene is in the eyes of the travelers. Standing on the steep mountain looking down, sometimes you are surprised by the sea of white clouds covering the lower area. Continue going, you will reach Thung Nhuoi pass, from this high pass, you can see the beautiful Mai Chau district appearing in the eyes. It is a lovely valley with the houses on stilt with thin white smoke in the middle of the space. Going deep inside, Lac village begins to appear in the deep green of the young rice in the valley.

Lac village is over 700 years old, people in the village are mainly black Tai living from generation to generation by cultivating rice on upland and brocade weaving. At present, Lac village has more than 20 spacious, airy homestays to serve the needs of tourists. Stilt houses in Lac village are all high, spacious and clean but still keeps the traditional architecture. The homestays are fully equipped with blankets, cushions, pillows folded neatly.

It would be a mistake if you go to Lac village without going to the market in the early morning. In the clear morning air, you should cycle to the market to roam and shop. Goods in the market are also easy to buy because the people here do not raise the price, they can exchange goods comfortably and make tourists satisfied.

Lac village can be called the tourist center of Mai Chau district – Hoa Binh province, because around the village, there are quite a lot of other tourist sites such as Van village – about 2km from Lac village and tourists can walk or cycle around Pom Coong village, Nhot village… or visit Chieu Cave, Mo Luong Cave … If you want to explore more, please visit Pu Luong, an interesting destination in Thanh Hoa.

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