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Posted by DH Travel at 3:04 am April 28, 2014

Dalat overview

Dalat is a city located on Lang Biang highlands a part of the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. Because of its history, special architecture, unique climate features and a wide range of beautiful spots, Dalat is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses were built in a French style during the French colonization. Besides that, Dalat has a lot of the special structures with very beautiful architectures where almost tourists must see once travel Dalat such as Dalat Railway Station, designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron, or Hang Nga guesthouse or still called ‘Crazy house’ which is also a very interesting place to explore and stay overnight at here.

sightseeing must see in Dalat

Dalat is still considered as the city of love and flower with very pleasure weather and a lot of pine hills cover this city

Apart from architectural places of interest, Dalat also has lots of beautiful sites such as Xuan Huong Lake – center of town, Lake of Sorrow (Lake of Sighs) – 5km Northeast of town on Ho Xuan Huong Road, Valley of Love – Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Lang Biang Mountain – has a 1900m peak, ideal for a 3-hour hike, Prenn Falls – 10km outside the town, Pongour Falls – one of the largest and widest waterfalls in Vietnam, 30km south of town on highway 20, etc.

The largest and by far the most ‘touristed’ town in the Central Highlands, Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province. The bracing, cool mountain climate that Dalat enjoys at an altitude of 1,500m (4,920ft), its large open spaces, picturesque waterfalls, colonial architecture and incredibly fresh produce provide respite for those wishing to escape the heat and humidity of Ho Chi Minh City and the lowlands of southern Vietnam.

Annual temperatures range between a comfortable 16°C (61°F) and 24°C (75°F), making the city Vietnam’s most popular fair-weather retreat – and its top honeymoon destination. It is easy to see why the French were so enamored of Dalat during the colonial days and why it was the favorite getaway for the last emperor.

Sightseeing Must See in Dalat

Dalat Central Market

Dalat Central Market or still called Cho Da Lat is one of the largest markets not only in Dalat but also in Vietnam because it is set in the deep hollow of a hillside as well as surrounded by rows of cafés and shops selling wine and a lot of kinds of the candied fruits. The special and fresh food is also the highlight in this central market, the second floor of the middle building is devoted entirely to food stalls.

things to do in Dalat

Dalat is still considered as the city of love and flower with very pleasure weather and a lot of pine hills cover this city

The Summer Palace of Bao Dai (Bao Dao Palace)

Bao Dai Palace is tucked away under pine trees at Trieu Viet Vuong Street, this special structure is located not so far from the center of Dalat, you also walk from your hotel at the center of Dalat but suggested to catch a taxi or bus because almost of roads at here is very high so that you will feel tired to climb up to the high roads at here because the terrain at here is almost highlands (hills and small mountains). Bao Dai Palace was built around between 1933 and 1938. As known as Dinh III of Bao Dai Palace, but the fact this area is one of three palaces as Dinh I and Dinh II. It’s said that all these three Palaces are connected together by tunnels so that the emperor could secretly visit his mistresses in each one.

Lam Dong Museum

Lam Dong Museum or still called as Bao Tang Lam Dong is located on Hung Vuong Street, this is also one of the central roads in Dalat city, this is a very excellent museum because is has been recognised by the United Nations for its extensive collection of musical gongs used by the local K’ho, Ma and Churu minorities.

Dalat Cable Car

The Dalat Cable Car (Cap Treo Da Lat) is located about 3km (2 miles) south of town. The cable-car ride extends over 2km (1¼ miles) and offers lovely panoramas of villages and mountain forests, all the way to the Bamboo Forest Meditation Centre (Thien Vien Truc Lam).

Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls (Thac Hang Cop) is the grandest waterfall in the Dalat area, and thankfully the least visited or developed, largely because of the long drive down a poor road and a further walk down a very steep hill.

Langbiang Mountain

The 12km (7-mile) drive from Dalat to Langbiang Mountain (Nui Lang Bian) passes through quaint Lat Village, inhabited by K’ho, Lat and Ma minorities.

The Crazy House (Hang Nga Villa)

The Crazy House or still called as “Hang Nga Villa or Hang Nga House” was built by major reasons of this house owner such as our nature and the environment have been too much destroyed, human beings have taken the consequences of what they have done, so Dr. Dang Viet Nga (the owner of this special house) wants bring people back to nature to be more friendly with it and to love it. The Hang Nga Villa was first built in 1990, and until now it has still been improved to do more beautiful and special.

Pongour Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall is far from Dalat center around 45km to the south-west. This is one of the most beautiful highlights of Dalat, you also have a chance to explore the pretty countryside of Dalat on the way from the center of Dalat to this special waterfall.

how get to Dalat

Pongour Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Dalat

Elephant Falls is one of the most beautiful and mighty of Dalat, if you are tourists whose love to explore falls, this site must include on your trip to Dalat

Phuoc Linh Pagoda

Phuoc Linh Pagoda is a sacred place and it is suitable for those whose want to go on the spiritual sightseeing, this site is located on Highway 20, at No. 120 Tu Phuoc. Phuoc Linh Pagoda is far from Dalat center around 8km. The pagoda represents a lot of the unique terracotta mosaic arts of Da Lat.

Xuan Huong Lake

This is a very romantic and beautiful lake and it is also the heart of Da Lat, this site is surrounded by a lot of the pine trees, lawns, and flower gardens. This is really a favorite tourist site because they can walk around, ride a horse or ride a bike from your hotel at any place in Dalat.

Domaine de Marie Church

This special site should be included on your city tour in Dalat. The church is a tourist attraction because tt represents the interaction between the two cultures of Vietnam and France. Domaine de Marie Church was built from 1930 to 1943 of the 17th-century French style.

tourists sites of Dalat

Domaine de Marie Church was designed and built by French style since 17th century

Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a part of the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen, it is just around 5km from Dalat City center. The monastery is located on Phung Hoang Mountain and nearby the Tuyen Lam Lake. This is not only the largest monastery in the highland region of Lam Dong province but also it is the sightseeing and worship place for locals and tourists from all over the world.

Vallée d’ Amour (Valley of Love)

Valley of Love is one of the most romantic landscapes in Dalat, it is just around 5km from Dalat city. This is the place where visitors can take part in many fun and interesting activities and games.

Datanla Waterfall

This is a large waterfall and far from Dalat city around just 10 km. Exploring this place, tourists can admire the grandeur of the waterfall while taking part in a lot of the adventurous activities like riding the roller coaster.

Tuyen Lam Lake:

This is the largest water body of Da Lat, it is just around 7km from Da Lat city center and just around 2km from Datanla Waterfall. Tuyen Lam Lake is a very beautiful scenery complex with a lot of different tourist services. There are many small islands on the lake and this site is covered by the large pine trees.

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