Take a Weekend Trip to Hon Ong Island, Khanh Hoa

In addition to Hon Mun and Hon Tam, Hon Ong Island is also one of the places where are worth visiting with unspoiled beach when you travel to Khanh Hoa.

Most foreign visitors give Hon Ong (Whale Island) mark 9 or 10 in terms of its landscape and location. Many visitors confirm that this is truly a beach paradise for them. One thing worth mentioning is that international visitors often stay here in quite a long time (3-4 days, even 8-9 days), so their feeling and thinking is often more objective than that of Vietnamese tourists (who almost stay in the island in only 1 night).

Hon Ong Island


On Hon Ong Island, you has only one option for accommodation, Whale Island Resort. You can book a room by credit card through the booking website or call directly. The rooms here are separate thatched wooden bungalows under the canopy of coconut trees and adjacent to the main beach. The price of the room including breakfast for 2 people is about 1 million VND/ night. Price for family room of 4 people is about 1.4 million, it can be added one person, the extra bed fee is 120,000 VND / person. The resort fixes the time of check in the room is at 2 pm and that of check out is before 12 am of the next day. However, you may come here early and then leave the luggage for the receptionists and go around the island.

The resort is designed in harmony with nature, the rooms are only equipped with ceiling fans, simple bathroom, but they are thatched and surrounded by many trees, so it is very cool, at night, you might have to use a blanket to avoid the cold.

There are about 30 bungalows for rent on Hon Ong island, restaurants, bars, massage areas, diving service area… are all gathered in the main beach.

Hon Ong Island

Entertainment activities on Hon Ong Island

Hon Ong island is a relatively small area, so all fun activities are focused on the main beach. You can only explore the island by walking or traveling by kayak with activities such as:


Facilities include a diving glass enclosed with snorkel and two propellers. The place for snickering is around the main beach and the cost about 60,000 CND/ person/ day. Corals near the main beach on Hon Ong is not very beautiful and rich, the only advantage is the clear water. Fish species is slightly poor in terms of both quantity and type, but there are a lot of Sea urchins; therefore, you have to pay close attention to avoid getting hurt because of treading on them.

Kayaking around the island

Facilities include a 2-seater kayak, life jacket and a paddle. You can row around the island for about 100,000 VND for 2 hours.

Hon Ong Island

Trekking exploring the road around the island

The only on land game which can be explored on the island is trekking. There are 3 points that you can stop and take beautiful photos including Red & White Trail, Blue Trail and Yellow Trail. Total time for walking off the island is about 2 hours. You can use walking maps for convenience. This activity is free, so you should take time to walk around the island.

Scuba Diving

It may take the whole morning or afternoon to have a training if you want to dive here. Hon Ong island is where is appreciated to be very nice for diving by many visitors.

Hon Ong Island is only suitable for those who love the sea, love exploring unspoiled natural quiet, peaceful places, for people who want to temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of life in urban, and for the newly married couples who want to enjoy the sweet honeymoon together.

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