7 reasons why you should have a visit to Thailand immediately

To choose a destination for the long holiday, people have their own reasons like weather, landscapes, cuisine, entertainment activities…But there is a country which probably satisfies the most fastidious tourists: Thailand. The country of smiles and wonderful things attracts travelers by a lot of reasons. Let’s read to know what they are and prepare a trip to Thailand promptly.

  1. Lovely beaches and beautiful islands

“Paradise of tourism in Southeast Asia” cannot be any country but Thailand. It is famous for white sandy beaches with emerald seawater. Tropical islands with the breathtaking scenery, the vibrant all-night parties and numerous recreational activities…

Phuket Island - Thailand

The picturesque beauty of Phuket Island – one of the famous destinations in Thailand

Are all of these factors enough to attract you? I believe the answer is “yes” because this nation welcomes millions of visitors each year.

  1. The most delicious foods in the world

Thai cuisine plays an important part in drawing tourists all over the world. It is the exquisite combination of herbs, spices and fresh food with special cooking styles. Local curries, street foods or sweet fruit smoothies…really make you impressed.

Thai cuisine is attractive enough to make visitors excited

Tom Yum Goong

Tasting Tom Yum Goong or Kluay Buat Chee can be a major reason for us to visit Thailand. There is nothing more wonderful than walking around night bazaars and enjoying delicacies both in sidewalk eateries and in luxury restaurants.

  1. Friendly citizens

Dubbed “The country of smiles”, Thailand is known as a great destination. Thai people are extremely friendly and hospitable. Regardless of the north or the south, there are no differences in the way Thais welcoming tourists. They are enthusiastic to help others by guiding, sharing experiences of tourism…

Always smile – That’s the life rule of Thai people

Thai people

And the most important thing is that they always smile. Therefore, if you get lost in Thailand, don’t worry since you will be helped by lovely natives.

  1. Cool climate

Thailand has the tropical monsoon climate with 4 seasons: dry, hot, rainy and cool seasons.

Tropical climate of Thailand allows tourists to relax on beaches happily

The ideal time to travel is from November to February because it’s not rainy and not too hot. It is said that the weather and climate of Thailand allow tourists to visit everywhere and do everything they want. Don’t forget to reach nice beaches in hot summers to dispel the heat.

  1. Low-budget

Besides cheap airline tickets, you won’t have to spend much money shopping. Low-priced goods are present everywhere, from small shops to big commercial centers. Clothes, housewares, pictures, shoes, jewelry….

Thailand Shopping

Thailand – The paradise of shopping

It’s difficult to list all of items sold. Especially, haggling is accepted, so there is no need to feel shy to do that. If you are smart, picking up real bargains will be easy.

  1. The vibrant nightlife

Coming to Thailand, you can take part in the vibrant nightlife in big cities, especially Bangkok. To feel the hustle and bustle of modern urban areas, you can go out at night and enjoy the happy time in night markets, eateries, bars, clubs or other interesting places.

The vibrant nightlife in Bangkok

nightlife in Bangkok

For those who are interested in leisure activities, Thailand is really an entertainment spot without the limit of time.

  1. Both popular and luxury

Thailand is considered a smart choice for cheap travel. It’s possible for tourists to discover this country with low-budget. However, don’t think that it is only for the middle class because Thailand doesn’t lack luxury hotels, resorts, shopping malls and services for the rich.

In each tourist attraction, there are various kinds of services for travelers to choose. So don’t be shocked if you are offered an incredible price for something in Thailand (too cheap or too pricey).