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Stretching over 20 km, the beaches in Sihanoukville are divided into different areas and enchant every visitors.

Move to Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a young city near the seaside, 230 km from the capital of Phnom Penh. From HCMC, there are two ways to go to this city:

– From HCMC, visitors go to Phnom Penh via Moc Bai border gate, Tay Ninh,  then catch the car to Shihanoukville, the price is around $ 20 / person. Travel time is about 10-12 hours. Tickets are available at the car offices on Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Streets.

– From HCMC, visitors go to Kampot border gate near the border with Ha Tien, then to Sihanoukville in about 2 hours travelling by car, which is much shorter.

Places to visit Sihanoukville

Two beaches of Ochheuteal and Serendipity located in the central area are homes of many motels, hotels, restaurants, travel companies in Shihanoukville with western town bustling in the evening and restaurants along the coast . You can find the clean, charming and comfortable rooms, with prices range from 6 to 7 USD / person.

The picturesque beauty of Serendipity beach Shihanoukville

The picturesque beauty of Serendipity beach Shihanoukville

The Sokha Beach and Independence beaches located next to each other are considered the own resorts of wealthy people. The two resorts are completely self-contained with separate beaches, bars and restaurants in the resort. Romantic couples and families with children often choose this resort for their vacation. The room price here is about 60 to 100 USD / night.

The overview of Sokha beach Shihanoukville

The overview of Sokha beach Shihanoukville

Otres, Hawaii, Victory are three quiet beaches. Otres Beach has many small fishing village located close to the sea, creating a rarely peaceful setting for visitors with fine white sand and blue water. Victory is the most beautiful place to see the sunset in Shihanoukville, with bars located next to the hillside overlooking the sea and the romantic afternoon on the smooth sand.

Victory beach with bars on the beach in sunset - Shihanoukville

Victory beach with bars on the beach in sunset – Shihanoukville

Eating in Sihanoukville

In every evening, restaurants along the beach serve seafood buffet for $ 3 / set. The meals ranging from 3 to 8 USD / meal / person are comfortable. Another way to enjoy delicious, cheap seafood is to buy seafood in the Old Market located near the center and carry to the hotel to eat. Many Vietnamese people sell goods in this market,. You can buy crab, shrimp or clams, cockles with cheap price. After choosing seafood, you bring them to a restaurant in the market, then take hot cooked food to the room. This is also the way of eating seafood preferred by many backpackers.

Seafood sold in Old market - Shihanoukville

Seafood sold in Old market – Shihanoukville

Other activities in Sihanoukville

Coming to Sihanoukville, after swimming all day and playing in the water, you can buy tickets to go and return during the day to explore the surrounding islands such as Bamboo Island, Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samlon … The total price (including buses picking you up at your location, lunch, drinks and snorkeling) is around 15 USD. If you choose to explore interesting flooded forests, the tour can be up to around $ 25. Diving and snorkeling attract many tourists. With blue water, you are free to see the multi-coloured fish and spectacular coral reefs, swim and play in the brilliant sunshine.

Diving to explore the undersea world - Shihanoukville

Diving to explore the undersea world – Shihanoukville

After a day of activities, you should relax in a spa or a have foot massage right on the beach near the hotel, walk in the shadow of twilight. And at night, remember to buy a lot of fireworks to create jubilantly firework festivals on the long sandy beach in the moonlight, the twinkle stars and relentless waves by yourself.

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