Ca Mau – Vietnam’s Southernmost Land Travel Guide

Ca Mau is the ideal destination to escape from the cold of the North and the heat of the Central.

Best time of travel to Ca Mau

Ca Mau’s climate is cool all year round, but you should come here in the dry season, from December- April of the later year.

Ca Mau travel guides

A peaceful scene in Ca Mau


By plane: From Can Tho airport, travelers move to Ca Mau by passenger car whose price is  from 125,000 VND to 150,000 VND/ ticket.

By cars: From Saigon, tourists buy tickets at Mien Tay (Western) bus station to go to Ca Mau. Ticket price ranges from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND.


Accommodation prices in Ca Mau range from 200,000 VND to 600,000 VND depending on room’s quality and services.

If you are backpackers, you can ask the local people to stay in their home.

Places to visit in Ca Mau

Cape Ca Mau is the place where GPS coordinate landmark 0001 (kilometer 0) is placed. This milestone is in shape of a sailing ship stretching into the sea. This is the only place you can watch both the sunrise and sunset.

Ca Mau travel guides - Cape of Ca Mau

Cape Ca Mau 

U Minh forest is adjoining to the Gulf of Thailand, and is put in populations of valuable and rare and rich wildlife, with over 250 species of plants and types of rare birds. This is also the place where the stories of Mr. Ba Phi was originated.

Ca Mau travel guides - U Minh Ha Forest

U Minh Ha forest seen from above

Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary covers an area of 130 ha. This is place where owns the rare birds and a rich array of flora. Alternating the vast green of mangroves is the river branches full of silt. This will give visitors a feeling of peace and quiet.

Ca Mau travel guides - Ngoc Hien Birds Sanctuary

The pelicans in Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary

Hon Khoai (Khoai Island) is situated in Ngoc Hien district, and is 14.6 km from the mainland. The island impresses travelers with large stone blocks, the array of green hills and forests.

Da Bac (Silver Stone) is a beautiful island famous for pure natural setting with colorful boulders, estimated to be formed 180 million years ago. It is located on Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district.

Khai Long Beach with sandy beach as winding as the dragons along the coast is situated in Khai Long village, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien district. Located in the mangrove ecosystems of the region, the sea here has a wild beauty.

Cai Tau Strawberry garden is located on Nguyen Phich commune, U Minh district. This is the country of thousands of shrubbery. Guests should sit in the dinghies going through the canals to enjoy the peaceful scenery and enjoy the in- reach sweet strawberries.

Ca Mau travel guides - Da Bac Island in Ca Mau

The lively scenery on Da Bac island

Trem River Cruises : Trem river has a length of 42 km, starts in Kien Giang to the T- junction of Cai Tau and Ca Mau. Trem river has an exotic beauty because water’s color changes seasonally. In rainy season, the river water is red, it becomes more poetic with green water hyacinth blossoms floating on the water. In contrast, in dry season, the river water is opalescent and there are lines of coconut tree along the banks.

What to eat

Hemibagrus hotpot has tasty broth which has sour, sweet, spicy characteristic flavor. This dish is served with vegetables, banana inflorescence.

Tasty dishes made from ba khía (big crabs living in blackish water in Southern Vietnam) are considered the most typical and famous dishes in the region. Ba khía can eaten like sold served with sticky rice, boiled or roasted with tamarind and dipped in salt with lemon pepper. This dish has a taste of fragrant meat and is very hard to resist.

Grilled snakehead is a dish with sweet, fragrant taste of water of silt and salty taste of the sea.

Goby Porridge is an rustic dish of Ca Mau. This dish is nutritious, fragrant and tasty.

What to buy as gifts

 Tourists can buy cheap, fresh seafood during the day or buy types of famous dried fish such as dry snakehead fed in fields, dried goby, dried mudskippers and especially pure honey taken from U Minh forest.

Ca Mau – Vietnam’s Southernmost Land Travel Guide

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